Michigan Boy Attacked By Four Rottweiler Dogs

Eight year old Ethan Nokes of Riverdale, Michigan was harmlessly playing in his relatives back yard with his brother, when four dogs he’s known for a long time, turned on him. These four Rottweiler dogs injured Ethan with a possible broken leg and 22 bite wounds which were so severe that Ethan was air-lifted to a hospital in Grand Rapids for injury treatment. Ethan’s mother, Doris Gifford, says that Ethan cried, “Just shoot me, it hurts I just want it to be over.” She also did not hesitate to describe the Michigan dog attack by saying, “They were out to kill him, no question.”

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Perhaps the only reason that Ethan Nokes fortunately survived the dog attack is because of Kenneth Hansen. Hansen and his construction crew were working on a site nearby when Hansen heard a little boy screaming. "I could see the dogs and I could see a boy with all his clothes off and he was half red with blood and I knew he was in trouble…I got to him. The dog let go. I was hollering. Jordan, his little brother was at the top of the steps screaming at the dogs trying to get them to stop and I grabbed him around the stomach. I tried to keep my body between the dogs and him ... and they were yanking on him trying to get him away from me."
The Rottweiler dogs were captured and taken away by the Gratiot County Animal Control who may have the dogs euthanized. The owners of the dogs, who are also relatives of Ethan Nokes, may face charges from the Gratiot County Prosecutor’s office.
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