Common Courtesy On The Road

Using common courtesy on the road can potentially help prevent road rage and ultimately save lives. Common courtesy is a set of rules that aren’t written down by law. However, despite not being the law, following this driving etiquette can make the roads simpler and safer for everyone. Due to these rules not being part of the law, not all drivers follow the etiquette, which can lead to all types of auto accidents.

Common Courtesy Lawyer

According to the US Air Force, there are eight basic common courtesy rules that can be used in order to possibly reduce stress, and increase your chances of arriving at your destination safely. One of the first common courtesy rules is not driving in the passing lane. When you’re on a freeway or highway, the left lane is for passing. You should use the lane to pass a slower vehicle, and then return to your original lane. According to Deadline Detroit, since 2012, the Michigan State Police have issued 60,90 tickets for improper lane use, with around 763 already being issued in 2015. It is also important to not use cruise control when passing a vehicle. Pass other vehicles relatively quickly, as passing slowly can be just as obstructive as driving in the left lane at all times.

Another common courtesy rule involves keeping a safe distance from the car ahead of you. Tailgating is considered poor driving etiquette. On top of this, tailgating also reduces your reaction time and can cause an accident if you need to break quickly. In addition to this, always signaling before changing lanes can make a huge impact and potentially reduce the number of car crashes.

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