Detroit's New MoGo Bike Share Program

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Detroit, Michigan is working diligently to expand its reputation beyond being the Motor City. Not only is the Q-Line up and running to the public, but now a bike share program, MoGo, has been added to the Detroit transportation roster. Sponsored by Henry Ford Health System and Health Alliance Plan, MoGo has 430 bikes in 43 stations found in 10 Detroit locations such as the Eastern Market, Woodbridge, the New Center area, Lafayette Park, Southwest Detroit, the Riverwalk, Clark Park, and of course in Downtown. MoGo lists reasons to get behind the bike-share initiative, by saying that it saves money, saves time, is fun, and is green. Not only can people travel throughout the city, while enjoying a more scenic route, getting exercise, and reducing their carbon footprint, but the bike-share program also helps those who are rushing to and from bus stops, the Q-Line, and other transit stops.

The executive director of MoGo, Lisa Nuszkowski told The Detroit News that, “They say it takes a village to raise a child. If that’s the case, then it takes a city to launch a bike share, that’s for sure. Bike share can transform the campus community, and it will transform community health as well.”

The Detroit News also mentions that, "Garry Bulluck, deputy chief of Mobility Innovations for Mayor Mike Duggan, said MoGo, the QLine and improved transit in the city are the building blocks of a transportation network that is going to be world class. “It’s an opportunity just not for people to access different parts of downtown Detroit, but also to increase physical fitness. ... This is about people’s lives.""

How Does MoGo Work?

Since MoGo has bike stations spread out all over the city as far as Southwest Detroit and North End, riders have easy access to a bike station near them. Then, renters can go to, to see how many bikes are available and how many bike docks are open. MoGo also uses two apps, Transit App and Cyclefinder.

As far as handling the bike return properly, riders will know if the bike is properly docked by waiting to see if the light on the dock turns green. For those who wish to ride as a group, 4 bikes can be rented and removed at a time. Bikes are available to rent 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year, if weather permits it.

How Much Does MoGo Cost?

For those bicyclists who plan to use a bike on-and-off throughout a day, daily passes are available for $8. There are also monthly passes ($18), annual passes ($80), and access passes ($5) for registered members of state benefit programs. These passes allow for unlimited 30 minute rides for their respective duration. It is important to note that any ride is limited to 30 minutes, unless extra time is needed, in which case riders will incur an additional $4 for every extra 30 minutes, or $2 with any of the passes. In case a bike is lost or stolen, renters will have to pay a $1,200 fee.

For a limited time, MoGo is offering a Founders Pass ($100) that includes a MoGo Founders T-shirt, four Daily Passes to give to friends and family, and the opportunity to ride in their launch event, in addition to an annual pass.

Bicycle Safety

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The MoGo bicycle was manufactured in New York, and is reddish in color with black seats, relaxed handlebars, a basket, plastic protected fenders, and lights. At this time however, bike helmets and other safety equipment do not come equipped with the MoGo bikes, and nor are they handicap accessible. MoGo is waiting on additional grants so that helmets, hand bikes, and tandems will be available for the public at-large. MoGo users and bike riders in general are asked to be careful while out during anytime of day, but especially at night. So, until MoGo implements safety features, it's important for MoGo renters, to wear reflective and protective gear while riding and to be mindful of other bike riders and motorists on the road. This is actually a good rule of thumb for any bicylist and not just MoGo renters, as taking such safety precautions can help bicyclists avoid getting into car collisions and bicycle accidents.  

MoGo Bike share is an awesome addition to the revitalization of Detroit. Hopefully, with the bike share program in use, added tourism and fitness excursions will further help the health and economy of Detroit. With the soon to be flourishing bicycle scene in Detroit however, it is important for motor vehicle operators and bicycle riders alike to be extra mindful of road safety in order to avoid serious injuries from bicycle car accidents. If you or someone you know have been injured in a bicycle accident, call The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC at 844.4MI.FIRM for a free consultation. 

Lots of Highway Construction Coming to Metro-Detroit

It is officially that time of year once again: road work season. The Detroit Free Press reported that the state of Michigan plans to spend around $422 million on road repairs in the Metro Detroit area. The lengthiest of these projects is the 14-year reconstruction of I-75 and I-275. This work, although stressful for drivers, will make for nicer roadways in the long run. Other, less significant, projects include  the reconstruction of the retaining wall between Meyers and McNichols on the Lodge Freeway in Detroit, replacements to the Trumbull bridge over I-94 in Detroit, reconstruction of Van Dyke in Warren and Sterling Heights, and the resurfacing and reconstruction of Lapeer Road in Auburn Hills and Orion Township. All of these projects cost tens of millions of dollars each, with finish dates ranging from this coming summer until the end of this year.

Detroit Construction Accident Lawyer

With so many projects going on this summer, it is very important for drivers to be on the lookout for construction workers, not only for their safety, but for the drivers' safety as well. Road work conditions are often far less safer than regular driving conditions, as there may be steep drop offs or two way traffic in areas that do not normally have it. Almost all traffic fines are doubled in work zones, so choosing not to slow down could really cost drivers. It is very unwise and unsafe to speed in construction zones. It is very easy to injure or kill a construction worker due to lack of attention or drunk driving as well.

Drivers need to pay extra attention to the road and their surroundings when driving in construction zones. This attention can be the difference between a safe trip through the zone, and a huge fine, or worse, the death of a construction worker.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident, call The Michigan Law Firm PLLC. Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling all types of motor vehicle accidents, including those occurring in construction zones. Call us today, at 844.4MI.FIRM for a free consultation.

Detroit Artist Arraigned In Deadly Drunk Driving Accident

Local artist Marcus Glenn was arraigned for his involvement in a car accident that killed a woman two months ago, The Detroit Free Press reported. Glenn was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and causing death. The crash happened on February 4, 2016 near Jefferson and Griswold, right in the heart of downtown Detroit, Michigan, after 11 P.M.

Glenn has sold his artwork in over 60 countries worldwide to thousands of clients and was featured in the 2014 Grammy Awards Show. Glenn, a local Detroiter since birth, attended the College for Creative Studies and has had a studio in Corktown for years. His work is scattered throughout the city, the most prominent being his permanent piece in the collection of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History on Warren Ave in Detroit.

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Stories like this make locals sick, not just because Glenn was so beloved by the city of Detroit, but because it is so easy to not drink and drive in the city. The city offers many options both in the public and private sector to deter people from drinking downtown and driving home. Many hotels, both budget and luxurious, are available. The Detroit people mover can carry people almost anywhere within the downtown vicinity. Uber is also very popular within the city, and cabs are also very easy to catch and are only a call away. The bus system is not perfect, but has many lines that run at night and can get people to many of Detroit’s less accessible areas. The city is currently even working on a light-rail on Woodward Avenue that will take riders from downtown out past Highland Park, which will be another way for people to stay out of the driver's seat.

The bottom line is that if you have been drinking, you should not be behind the wheel of a vehicle. You become a hazard to yourself, your passengers, and everyone on and around the road as soon as you turn on the car. Buzzed driving is also dangerous, and you can be arrested for it. Always try to avoid drivers who appear to be under the influence, and never drive drunk. If you have been injured in an auto accident involving alcohol, speak to an attorney at The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC. Our experienced attorneys are highly skilled in helping victims of automotive injuries identify and receive any compensation they may be entitled to, under Michigan law. Call us today, at 844.4MI.FIRM for a free consultation.

Detroit Ranks 15th For Worst Traffic

Detroit, Michigan may not be the bustling metropolis that it once was, but it sure seems like it during early morning and afternoon commutes. A recent study by Xfinity showed that Detroit ranked 15th overall when looking at cities with the worst traffic. The study showed that Detroiters spend an average of 33 hours in traffic every year, which equates to almost a day and a half of lost time. This study also approximated that the average Detroit citizen wastes 24 gallons of gasoline, enough for two full tanks in some vehicles, annually. The site also approximated that spending so much time in traffic cost each Detroiter almost $800 per year, just due to traffic conditions on Detroit roads.

Detroit Car Accident Lawyer

There are many issues that cause Detroit’s traffic problems, but there is not much Detroiters can do to avoid this traffic. Many Detroiters work outside of Detroit and many people working in Detroit do not live in Detroit, which makes driving inevitable. Many of these drivers are going to the same area, such as suburbs as the Birmingham/Bloomfield/Troy area, Plymouth/Canton/Northville/Novi area, or the Ann Arbor area, causing traffic buildups on the few highways that service those cities. There are public transportation projects in the works, such as the newly named QLINE or the expanded bus routes the city of Detroit is providing, but for the time being, there is no solution to curb this traffic issue.

When driving in traffic, drivers need to remember to always pay attention to the road. Fender benders often occur due to a lack of attention and a lack of stopping distance, in speedy stop and go traffic buildups. It is very easy to allow for such small stopping distances because of such slow speed, but if a driver takes even a second to be distracted this can cause damage to their own vehicle and vehicles around them. It is very important to ensure that drivers are always paying attention when driving in traffic, keep a large enough stopping distance, and do not put their car into neutral or park when stopped. These three suggestions may be the difference between a safe ride home and a couple hundred dollars in fender bender repairs and possibly hospital bills.

If you or someone you know has been in a traffic related accident, call The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC. Our accident attorneys help victims of car crashes identify and receive any benefits they may be entitled to, under Michigan law. Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling all types of motor vehicle collisions. Call us today, at 844.4MI.FIRM for a  free consultation.

Detroit Police Officer Struck By Driver, Alcohol Likely Present

An accident on Detroit, Michigan's West Side left an officer injured on the morning Friday, March 18, 2016. Fox 2 Detroit reported that the suspect made an illegal u-turn in front of a Detroit police officer around 4 in the morning, causing the crash and subsequent injury. The officer who is an 18 year veteran of the Detroit Police Department, was taken to the hospital after the crash to assess his back, neck, and knee pain. He is expected to be fully recover as he was just a little shaken up due to the crash. The driver of the car that struck the police officer was given a citation for OWI (operating while intoxicated). The car accident occurred on Joy Road near Grandmont Avenue. The officer was driving with his lights on and was headed to a domestic situation when the crash occurred.

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Police especially stressed the dangers of drinking and driving following this car crash. "In this day and age, it's absolutely ridiculous anybody would think they can drink and drive," Sgt. Michael Woody said. Police across the country and in major cities like Detroit have been taking a very strong stance on driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, implementing programs such as ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.’ These campaigns are working, but some drivers still choose to drive drunk or under the influence of drugs such as marijuana.

There is no way drivers are unaware of  the consequences of drunk driving, but here is a refresher. For a first offender, an OWI can land you up to a year without a license, 6 points on your driving record, potential alcohol treatment programs, up to a $700 fine, up to 180 days in jail, and up to 360 hours of community service. The terms only get worse if it is not your first offence, too. It is always smarter to not drink and drive, for your safety, wallet, and livelihood. And of course, drinking and driving can always result in death too.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident involving a drunk or impaired driver, call The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC. Our attorneys are highly experienced helping victims of drunk driving car crashes identify and receive any benefits they may be entitled to, under Michigan Law. Call us today, at 844.4MI.FIRM for a free consultation.

The QLINE: Detroit’s New Light Rail System

This past week it was announced that the new light rail that will take over Woodward Avenue sometime in 2017 will no longer be named the M-1Rail, but the QLINE instead. The Detroit Free Press reported that Quicken Loans, the key investor in the project, announced the change. More than the name however, citizens of Detroit, Michigan want to know what the QLINE is.

The people of Detroit may recall that there have been talks about creating something like a light rail, stretching from New Center through downtown Dertoit for years. Well, the QLINE will finally do just that. The 3.3 mile streetcar line will take pedestrians from New Center to Downtown and vice versa, something that has been difficult to do without a car since the New Center area started being built in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Detroit’s public transit system is extremely lacking by modern standards. Other than the slow bus system, which is currently being worked on, and the Detroit People Mover, which only caters to a very small portion of downtown, Detroiters are pretty much out of luck in the public sector when it comes to transportation. The QLINE project will connect parts of Detroit that were not connected before and there are hopes that it will someday run significantly further down Woodward Avenue into the suburbs of Detroit.

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The project is estimated to cost roughly $140 million, and Quicken Loans paid an additional $5 for the rights to name the line. Currently, the fare will cost $1.50, but passes will also be available. It is estimated that somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 riders will use the line daily. These are great numbers for the City of Detroit, but what exactly does it mean for the citizens of Detroit?

The QLINE is expected to do a lot of things. It will allow Detroiters to get from New Center to Downtown and back quickly and cheaply. It has been estimated to bring in almost $3 billion in economic development, which will in turn bring more jobs to Detroit.

The QLINE will also offer a service to drivers. With more and more people being able to use competent public transportation in Detroit, there will be significantly less commuter traffic in the city, which means getting around will be quicker and easier. Not only will driving be easier, but it will also be safer. With less cars on the road, there is also less chance that any one given driver will get into an accident with another driver. Another aspect of the QLINE that is helpful to drivers, is the ability to get around in Detroit after having consumed alcoholic beverages. There are many bars, restaurants, clubs, and casinos all around Detroit and without a service such as the QLINE, it is very hard to get from one to the other especially when a patron has been drinking. With the availability that the QLINE offers, drinkers and party-goers will have a cheap, legal, and far safer alternative to drunk driving.

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Overall, the QLine will offer citizens and visitors of Detroit something new and improve the failing public transportation system Detroit currently has. It will also offer an alternative for drivers who commute to Detroit and make downtown roads safer, and will hopefully cut down on everyday traffic.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, call The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC. Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling all types of personal injury cases, including auto accidents, bus accidents, and rail accidents. Call us today, at 844.4MI.FIRM for a free consultation.

3 Car Crash Leaves 4 Injured In Detroit, Michigan

4 are injured after an accident at Plymouth Road and Memorial Street in Detroit, Michigan. Local 4 reported that the accident happened just after 7:30 P.M. on March 27th. A police report stated that a silver Ford Taurus was speeding north on Memorial Street and ran a stoplight, striking a black SUV which was heading west on Plymouth Road, then striking a parked Lincoln which had a driver inside it.

The driver of the Lincoln walked away from the scene, but the other four were not so lucky. The driver of the Ford Taurus was listed in temporary serious condition, the passenger of the Taurus was listed in critical condition, the driver of the SUV was listed in stable condition, and the passenger of the SUV was listed in temporary serious condition. All those who were injured were taken to a local hospital while police further investigated the scene. All three cars saw damage, but the Taurus and SUV received the brunt of the damage.

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Multiple vehicle collisions such as this one are a brutal reminder to always pay attention while driving. We have posted articles in the past about driving while distracted. Whether it be texting, eating, drinking, or other distractions/impairments, driving without sole and complete focus on the road is dangerous and in some situations, illegal. Texting while driving, for example, is illegal in Michigan. And, drinking while driving is illegal anywhere in the US.

It is never wise for drivers to do anything that distracts from the road, because drivers are far more likely to get into an accident if they are not fully concentrating on the road around them. To create a better and safer driving environment for everyone, always pay attention to the road, and only the road. It may be the difference between getting home safely and landing yourself in the hospital, jail, or worse, a grave.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, call The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC. Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling all types of personal injury cases, including motor vehicle accidents. Call us today, at 844.4MI.FIRM for a free consultation.

Semi-Truck Crashes in Detroit, Spills 9,000 Gallons of Oil

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At approximately 8:45 a.m. on May 24th, 2015, an oil tanker blast occurred on a curved bridge where the I-75 meets the I-375 in Detroit, Michigan according to The Detroit News and WXYZ. The tanker was carrying 9,000 gallons of unleaded gasoline, which set fire and released a large amount of smoke into the air. The driver, Kai Moore, said his brakes had gone out, causing the tanker to roll on its side and catch fire. Initially, the fire caused an hours-long traffic jam along the freeway, and it is expected to be at least a five-day closure. 

Auto accidents happen on a regular basis, and sometimes like this situation, sometimes mechanical failures in the motor vehicle are involved in the accident. Unfortunately, Kai’s brakes allegedly stopped working and his semi-truck tanker ended up rolling over. Kai thought that it was amazing he survived. He also described the situation and how he reached safety. 

“When that tanker impacted the ground, it immediately caught fire. Fire came up into the cab, I was in my seatbelt, that's what held me. I had to climb out and run away from the fire and the fuel that was coming down the ramp.” Fortunately for Kai, he was wearing his seatbelt and because of this he was able to climb out of the tanker with minimal injuries. 

Motor vehicle safety is extremely important. Although Kai was involved in a crash, he was able to survive due to his seatbelt, and this demonstrates how crucial this safety is. Our firm has put together free resources to help those who have been injured in car accidents or would like to learn more about traffic laws, ways to keep safe on the road and how to seek treatment for injuries sustained in motor vehicle crashes.

If you have been injured in a car or motorcycle accident, contact a lawyer at The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC. Our accident lawyers handle all types of personal injury cases. The Michigan Law Firm can help victims of car crashes deal with insurance companies and medical bills to ensure a peaceful and healthy recovery process. Call 844.4MI.FIRM for a free consultation today.

Car Struck Two Motorcycles In Fatal Detroit Accident

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2015, two motorcyclists were traveling westbound on West McNichols Road in west Detroit, when a car heading southbound on Hubbell Avenue crashed into them. The car was occupied by two people, a male driver and a female passenger. Detroit Police believe that the male driver may have caused the collision by running a red light at the intersection and  running straight into the two motorcycles. Upon crashing into the two motorcyclists, the male driver got out of the vehicle and abandoned it, leaving the scene of the accident on foot. The female passenger however stayed in the car and was available to the police for questioning.
While the passenger of the car and possibly the driver of the car appear to be medically sound, the same cannot be said of both motorcyclists. Unfortunately, one of the motorcyclists was unable to survive the injuries he obtained in the collision. The motorcyclist who passed in the accident was a man in his 50s who went by the name of “Rico.”
The second motorcyclist is also a man in his 50s named Reginald Mills. Mr. Mills is still in the hospital in critical condition. His daughter says that Mills has a blood clot in his brain and requires additional surgery.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ("NHTSA"), 4,668 motorcyclists were killed in 2013 alone, across America. Motorcycles are even more susceptible than cars to dangerous collisions. As motorcyclists are not protected on all sides like car drivers, they usually sustain not only more injuries, but more severe injuries than drivers or passengers involved in motor vehicle crashes.
More injuries means more medical bills, possible permanent injuries, and more difficulties in dealing with insurance companies. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident or motor vehicle accident, call The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC. The Michigan Law Firm can help take care of all of these stresses for you. Our experienced accident attorneys will deal with insurance companies, to ensure that you receive all the benefits you are entitled to, so that you are able to focus on your recovery. Call us today, at 844.4MI.FIRM for a free consultation.


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Documentary About Detroit And Its Iconic Mustang

Ford Car Crash

Ask any American what their favorite American car is and chances are that many of them will say, without hesitation, that it’s the Ford Mustang. So many people across the world have purchased the Mustang since its inception in 1964 that it has become an iconic car built by Detroit automaker, Ford. So iconic in fact, that a documentary has been filmed about the Mustang and Ford.

Just in time for the Mustang’s 50th anniversary this year, David Gelb, shows the world the masterful craftsman ship that goes into creating the Ford Mustang. The documentary is titled “A Faster Horse” based on Henry Ford’s supposed famous quote, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” David Gelb is probably best known for his 2011 award winning, critically acclaimed documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.”

In his documentary, Gelb specifically focuses on the 2015 redesigned model of the Mustang and films for the viewer the entire path to creating a Mustang, from the assembling of the parts to its final display in local showrooms. It’s not all about cheer and cars however as Gelb also shows how the Mustang and Ford effect the city of Detroit, Michigan and its citizens. David Gelb explores the struggles of many of the citizens of Detroit who work at Ford’s assembly plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, and how they endured the long-lasting financial crisis.

The film was premiered to the world on April 18th, at the Tribeca Film Festival. For any fans of the Mustang, fans or Ford, citizens of Detroit, or even all Michiganders, this documentary is a must see. Perhaps watching this stunning work of cinematography will persuade you to buying a Mustang. Just remember when you take it for a spin that just because it’s known for being a fast car doesn't mean that you have to put the pedal to the metal in a Mustang. Driving at high speeds is dangerous and can cause accidents.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle crash, call The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC. Allowing our accident attorneys  to help you identify and recover your medical and insurance benefits may be the best decision you make on your road to healing. Our experienced team can help you get your medical bills paid, deal with insurance issues, and get you compensation for pain and suffering as allowed under Michigan law. Call us today at 844.4MI.FIRM for a free consultation.