How To Jump-start A Car

During the winter especially, citizens of Michigan experience trouble starting their cars. While the cold temperatures may cause car batteries to be drained more easily, car problems such as this occur all year round. In the event a car doesn't start, Forbes Magazine provides a step-by-step list for drivers who don't know how or for those who merely need a refresher on how to recharge the battery on their car.

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Forbes' Tips On How To Jump-start A Car

1. Make sure the two cars are close to one another - preferably that the front of the cars are close. Jumper cables will only stretch so far, plus you want to eliminate any chance of tripping over the cords and detaching them. 

2. Locate the car’s battery. It is usually found under a plastic cover to the side of the engine.

3. Identify the positive and negative terminals. The positive is usually identified with a “+” sign and the negative with a “-” sign. Once the terminals are identified, attach the cables to the proper terminal, negative with negative and positive with positive, on both batteries.   

4. Start the engine of the running car. Run the engine of the car for about a minute or two while revving the engine.

5. Now try and start the car with the dead battery. If the car still refuses to start, check the cables again to see if they are properly attached, remember to be careful, it is electricity after all.  

6. Repeat. If the car does not start try jumping it again.

7. Call for service. After several attempts at starting the car and it still refuses, the only choice left is to call for help, i.e. a mechanic, tow truck, etc. 

Additional Tips To Keep In Mind

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If the vehicle refuses to start or run while on the road, try to move the car to the side of the road or shoulder to avoid being hit or causing a potential car accident. Motorists could also benefit from buying and keeping flares and/or reflective hazard signs in their car to alert other drivers that they are stranded.

Lastly, It is important to remember that even if a driver successfully starts the car, it is still a good idea to have the car serviced. After all, there could be other underlying issues that prevented the car from working properly in the first place, other than a depleted battery. Therefore, Forbes advises getting a technician to check the car’s battery first and foremost, but to also check other components such as the car’s belts, hoses, wiring, and fluids. 

There is no guarantee that your car will immediately start by jump-starting it, especially if there are other factors involved in its breakdown. However, if a jump-start is all that is needed, following these tips from Forbes is a safe way to restart a battery. Of course, when in doubt, seek a professional!

Though winter has come to an end, Michigan drivers may still face situations in which their car won't start. It's smart for any driver to brush up on how to properly jump-start a car or look into purchasing a jump-starter box. If you or someone you know have been involved in a motor vehicle collision do to car problems, contact The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC, today at 844.4MI.FIRM, for a free consultation.