Car Recalls: How To Know And What To Do

Yesterday, we brought news of a federal investigation into over 400,000 Ford truck recalls due to brake failure. Today, we continue on the topic of recalls and inform drivers further on how to know if their vehicle has been recalled and what to do if it has. 

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Car recalls are a serious issue. Most often the recall is simply a cosmetic issue, but occasionally recalls can be dangerous and even life threatening. A recall is issued either by the company which made the faulty product or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The NHTSA is a particularily great source of information for drivers because they put out statements for every issued recall, whereas manufacturers only put out recalls for their own products. And because most cars are made with parts from multiple manufacturers, drivers may not have the most recent or accurate recall updates if they only check their car maker's website.

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Another way to find out about recalls is to check the mail and to keep driver's license addresses current. Recalls in Michigan are typically mailed to all of those who have their name on the title of the car in question. 

Though the recall and the faulty part is the bigger problem, many automobile owners are more worried about the cost of replacing or mending the defect. This should not be a concern however, as in almost all recall situations, the work required to fix the recalled part is free to the owner of the vehicle as long as the vehicle is taken to an authorized workshop. The only case in which the fix will not be free is if the part has been tampered with or replaced, because that voids the warranty.

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It is very important for drivers to constantly keep up with your vehicle's safety checkups. This includes checking for recalls, keeping all fluids stocked, and keeping air in the tires. By ensuring these safely checks, the likelihood of being involved in an accident due to machine failure is significantly lessened. Information about what a recall is and a car owner's rights are can be found hereand information about specific car recalls can be found here, powered by the NHTSA. Simply enter a vehicle's VIN number on the second site and a list of all potential recalls will be appear.

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