Autonomous Chevy Bolt - Spotted

Yesterday, April 19, 2017, GM released video of a Chevy Bolt driving autonomously in the streets of San Francisco, California.  The video (part of a three video series) shows a dashboard view of the car as it drives on regular streets at night.  The autonomous Bolt stopped at traffic lights, yielded to other vehicles, and ultimately drove safely throughout its journey. 

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Although a live person was sitting in the car, ready to take over if necessary, it doesn't appear that the human driver was needed in the videos.  According to Automotive News, GM has been testing these self-driving Bolts in multiple cities including San Francisco, CA and Scottsdale, AZ.  It has also been reported that GM is testing these self-driving Chevy Bolts in Detroit, Michigan as well. 

It's likely that auto insurance companies are watching these self-driving developments closely as government regulators, auto insurers, and consumers alike determine how to handle the new situation of insuring self-driving vehicles.  It's going to be critical to determine how autonomous cars involved in injury-causing auto accidents will be insured.  While accounts vary, most of the speculation is that fully self-driving cars will not begin becoming commercially available for at least a couple of years.  

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