Texting and Driving: New Police Technique Foils Law-Breakers

Police in San Antonio have a new tactic for catching violaters of texting and driving laws, Fox 29 of San Antonio reported. On certain roads and highways police are now using spotters on city buses to catch drivers texting behind the wheel. This new technique places people on buses in communication with police throughout the bus route to try and catch people violated the law that started in 2009. The department issued 40 citations in only two and a half hours, and they even let some drives go because they did not have enough police in the area to give out all the citations.

New techniques such as this are popping up around the country and they are really helping cut down on texting and driving accidents and deaths, which are still a huge problem for drivers of all ages, but in particular young drivers. A recent study shows that 40% of teens say they have been a passenger in a car in which the driver used a cell phone in a way that put themselves and their passengers in danger, Huffington Post reported. In 2013 over 340,000 accidents were reported that cited texting and driving as a factor in the incident. On average, 9 Americans die every day due to distracted driving, including disturbances such as texting or general cell phone use.

Texting and Driving Crash Lawyer

Texting and driving is a huge deal in the current technological age we live in, and it compromises safety of drivers and their passengers. States are passing laws to try and cut down on the number of accidents due to texting and driving, but there is only so much that the state and our police force can do. It is important to keep your cell phone out of your hands while driving and ensure that when riding in a car ensure that your driver does the same. A text message is never worth your life or the life of another.

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