Can Music Cause A Car Accident?

In 2015, Newsplex posted an article in which they spoke about how loud music may cause drivers to become distracted, leading to car accidents, inability to hear emergency vehicles, and distracted driving. But, why do people listen to music as they drive? Because it adds excitement to driving, bumping down the street to the latest hit just seems like a lot more fun than silently strolling down the avenue. But, since when does driving have to be fun?

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At it’s core, driving is a means of transportation, nothing more. With the high speeds that vehicles travel at and the amount of damage that can be caused in auto accidents, due to neglectful driving, music should take the passenger seat. That being said, teens are still turning up the radio with every chance they get. Upgrading car stereo systems is a very popular thing, and often students compare who has the loudest system in their cars before and after the school day in the parking lot. Not that a love for music should be discouraged, but such loud music is not safe.

The Telegraph reported that a study in the early 2000’s found that reaction times diminished up to 20% when a driver was subject to loud volumes. These stereo systems are a recipe for disaster, seeing that slower reaction times may cause accidents especially in worse driving conditions such as rain, snow, or fog.

It is important to ensure that when listening to music in the car that the level of noise is not at a distracting level, and that you are constantly aware of your surroundings. Be wary of songs on the radio that feature sirens or horns, because these can startle other drivers. Always be aware on the roadways, because you never know if the driver next to you is doing the same.

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