Pit Bull Bites 14-year Old Girl From Grand Haven, MI

On July 15th, 2015 a 14-year old girl was bitten by a pit bull while out with her family. As reported by The Detroit Free Press, Brittania Bird of Grand Haven, Mi was bitten by the pit bull while she was petting it. The bite caused injuries to her lips, nose and one of her eyelids.

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"My eye was my biggest concern. Everything started going gray and blurry. I don't want to go blind,” Brittania says.  

Even after the incident, she doesn't think the pet should be put down. Brittania says she saw the dog at Grand Haven splash park Sunday afternoon and asked the owner of the pit bull if she could pet the dog. She believes that she may have startled the pit bull, causing the dog to bite her face. The 14-year old doesn't think that the pet should have to be put down. Brittania and her family decided that they are not taking any legal action or pressing any charges against the owner of the dog.

"I hope that doesn't happen because I don't want to take a dog away from its family," Brittania explains. "It was just an accident. Accidents happen. I think it was my fault for scaring the dog."

According to DogsBite.org, almost 19% of dog bites are from dogs that the victims were familiar with. In the year 2014, dog bites attributed to 42 fatalities in the United States. 

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