Detroit Opens Up First No-Kill Dog Shelter

Recently, a nonprofit dog rescue group has been licensed to operate Detroit's first no-kill animal dog shelter. According to the Detroit News, Detroit Dog Rescue initially formed in 2011 as a foster-based operation. In May, 2014, they opened their shelter on Detroit's east side, and now they have been given a permit from the state to run their no-kill shelter. Detroit Dog Rescue's group executive, Kristina Rinaldi, says that they are must known for taking in troubled animals that most people would describe as unadoptable and even some aggressive breeds of dogs.

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Currently, the Detroit Dog Rescue shelter has room for 30 dogs at a time, and since they first started in 2011, they have found homes for around 650 dogs. Rinaldi says that they want to relieve the burden on Detroit Animal Control, which is under fire for its kill rates. The Detroit Animal Control operates under the Detroit Police Department on an annual budget of around $1.2 million. They have 20 staff positions and can house up to 200 dogs.

“We know that we are not going to walk into Detroit Animal Control and see a lot of dogs that can be placed right off the bat,” she said. “It’s not going to happen. But we are willing to put the time in. We’re willing to provide a service to the city at no fee to the residents or the city.”

In 2014, the police department took in 3,320 dogs and 1,803 cats, as well as other animals. Out of these 3,320 dogs, 2,383 of them were euthanized, along with 1,244 cats. Earlier this month, a Detroit resident complained about the conditions and treatment at Detroit Animal Control. In addtion to this behavior, earlier this month, a Detroit resident complained about the treatment and conditions of the Detroit Animal Control. She said that her dog was confined in a small cage without water. With the help of the Detroit Dog Rescue, Rinaldi believes that the partnership will open new doors for animal welfare in the city.

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