GM Offering Reimbursement Plans for 2016 Crossover Owners

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General Motors Company (GM) is looking to make amends for overstating the fuel economy of some of its 2016 crossover models. The Detroit, Michigan based auto company will be offering between $450 and $900 or an extended warranty to owners of the 2016 Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia, and Buick Enclave. These vehicles featured a window sticker that overstated the fuel economy by 1 to 2 miles per gallon.  

GM is offering its customers a debit card or a 48-month/60,000-mile protection plan which is designed for high-mileage customers. The debit card will carry $450 for front-wheel drive vehicle customers and $900 for all-wheel drivers. While GM declined to comment on the Detroit Free Press article regarding the cost of these offers, if all eligible owners chose the gift card option, and the average card was worth $675, the cost would be somewhere around a $90 billion loss for the company. 

GM said that the difference in the predicted vs. actual fuel economy was related to new emissions-related hardware. While testing the 2016 system, engineers found that the actual fuel economy was 1 or 2 mpg lower than the 2015 models, yet the stickers for the 2016 models remained the same.

GM Car Accident Lawyer

This might not even be the first year that this type of discrepancy took place. Consumer Reports has suggested that the same type of error regarding fuel economy may have also happened on past models for the crossover vehicles. Jake Fisher, Director of Automotive Testing for Consumer Reports reviewed their own fuel economy tests from as far back as 2007 models and found that they reached an average of 15 mpg in combined city and highway driving on the Enclave and 16 mpg on the Traverse. The EPA-Certified number for that model year was 18 m.p.g for both.

GM informed its dealers of the reimbursement plan this past Friday, and owners will be receiving letters in the mail regarding their options beginning Wednesday. Potential car owners should ask their dealer about the vehicle's fuel economy and how much it will save them at the gas pump.

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