Black Ice: What To Look Out For


Winters in Michigan can be brutal and cold, and now that winter is here it is important to keep an eye out for ice. One of the most dangerous, and worst types of ice out on the roads, is black ice. Black ice is also referred to as clear ice. It is a thin, transparent coating of ice on the surface of the road. The ice is not actually black in color but almost see-through, making the dark road below visible. Black ice has the ability to blend in with it's surroundings. Even for the most experienced drivers, black ice is unpredictable and should be avoided if possible.

Black ice is so dangerous that there is an average of 467 car related accidents per year due to black ice. 

While driving, black ice appears to the driver as if the surface is only wet. Even using high beams will not make the black ice visible. Black ice has been known to appear even after a light drizzle, if the temperatures are cold enough. The best course of action is for drivers to try and avoid driving during frozen rain and extreme drops in air temperatures after a rain or snow storm. 

Sometimes drivers can spot where black ice may be. One way is to look out for small puddles of water in the road. This is an indicator that ice may be in the area and it is beginning to melt. Also, checking the car to see if frozen sheets of ice are covering it can determine how cold the air is outside. If there is ice on a car than there is a great chance that ice has already formed on the road, making car accidents more likely to happen. Black ice is most likely to form during the dawn and at night when the temperatures have dropped and there is not enough sunlight to melt it. The air only has to be 32 or below for ice to begin forming. 

As always, listening to extreme weather alerts is a great way to make sure that all hazards of the road are avoided during the winter season.

Black Ice Driving Safety Tips

  1. Drive slow.
  2. Maintain a safe driving distance when behind other cars.
  3. Do not slam on the brakes while driving

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