Bad Weather Season Is Here, Drive Safe

     The past Thanksgiving weekend ended with multiple car accidents thanks to the abundance of bad weather present this time of year. And, even though Thanksgiving has passed, the holiday season is just beginning. As most Michiganders know, the roads are treacherous with rain one day and snow the next. It is important to understand how to drive in these uncertain conditions.

bad weather driving

According to the Detroit Free Press several of the Thanksgiving collisions occurred due to “slick highways… causing a few traffic backups on I-75.” However, these accidents don't just happen on the highways. Car crashes due to weather conditions can happen on any road facing the impact of bad weather conditions. 

The Michigan Department of Transportation has some vital keys to prepare drivers for the Michigan winter, which we got a taste of with the cold and wet conditions on Thanksgiving weekend.  MDOT insist drivers:

  • Always wear a safety belt when in a vehicle, and be sure children are properly buckled as well
  • Slow down when visibility is low and/or when road conditions are snowy or icy – in Ice and Snow Take it Slow!
  • Give snowplow drivers plenty of room to plow and salt/sand the roads Snowplows Need Room to Groom!
  • Be extra cautious on bridges because they can be icy when roadways are dry
  • Accelerate and brake slowly and avoid abrupt steering maneuvers, especially when merging or changing lanes
  • Don't pump anti-lock brakes
  • Don't use cruise control when roads are icy
  • Remember, don't text and talk while driving

The importance of following these guidelines cannot be overstated.  Every winter, bad weather and drivers' negligence account for a lot of heartache and stress for many drivers on the roads. MDOT further cautions drivers about the dangers of “treacherous temps” which can lead to a decrease of effectiveness of salt on roadways. Also “watch the slush” is more useful advice for upcoming winter months.  Drivers have the responsibility to be alert and mindful of road conditions.

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