St. Mary’s Healthcare System Announces Robotic-Assisted Therapy

Twenty years ago, New York’s largest medical provider for children and young adults, St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, became the city’s first certified Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) program for children. On June 1, 2015, St. Mary’s announced the launch of a program involving robotic-assisted physical therapy. According to the Digital Journal, with the help of the New York City Council capital budget, St. Mary’s now has cutting-edge equipment for the treatment of brain and spinal cord injury. With this technology, combined with existing treatments and expertise, St. Mary’s is seeing success in the program, as well as a great amount of potential for the future.

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In the New York area, for the first time, four advanced types of neuro-rehab equipment are now available. The first type is the Erigo title table, which “provides lower extremity passive stepping while in an upright position.” Next is the Lokomat, which “provides robotic-assisted walking training, and is the next phase of recovery for patients with mobility impairment.” Thirdly, the ArmeoSpring “provides spring-assisted arm/hand rehabilitation.” Lastly, the Nexstim Navigated Brain Stimulation device, “provides “non-invasive brain mapping.” With all of this sophisticated technology, St. Mary’s has the potential to serve as a great medical provider, with even more room to grow in the near future.

As reported by the Digital Journal, St. Mary's Neuro-Rehabilitation Program is comprised of neuropsychology, physiatry, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, in collaboration with nursing, therapeutic recreation, speech/ language pathology, respiratory therapy, and social work. With this addition of robotic-assisted therapy, St. Mary’s can take even more steps forward.

St. Mary's serves as a great example of using advanced technology to help those who have been injured.  If their success with these modern tools continues, we hope to see more technological advancements in emergency medicine and rehabilitation in Michigan soon.  This would provide an even greater level of care to those who have been hurt in Michigan personal injury accidents.

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