Michigan Driver Goes 150 Mph On Highway

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Recently, a southwestern Michigan resident posted videos of him driving his Ford Mustang 150 mph on a highway. The man posted videos to Facebook of him traveling 150 mph on US-131 in Kalamazoo county, and could face criminal charges for his actions. According to CBS Detroit, Michigan State Police Lt. Dale Hitz said that the driver admitted to recording the video while speeding. He also told the police that he was often driving with his knees so that he could hold his cell phone, likely increasing the chances for an auto accident.

After the videos were seen by the authorities, police went to the man's home in Portage, Michigan, where Hinz said the driver's only excuse was “no other than he likes to drive fast.” Hinz told local Kalamazoo news station WWMT, that social media posts like these are becoming more and more common, which only puts the driver and the public at risk. People are posting videos like these in order to get more online attention. The Kalamazoo County prosecutor's office is handling the case, and the man could be charged with reckless driving, which could lead to up to $500 in fines and 6 points on his Michigan driver's license.

According to the NHTSA, a crash is considered to be speed-related if the driver was charged with a speeding-related offence, or if an officer indicated that the driver was racing, driving too fast for the current road conditions, or exceeding the posted speed limit. In 2012, speeding contributed to 30% of all fatal car accidents, losing 10,219 lives. Speeding is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to motor vehicles crashes, and citizens that travel at dangerous speeds can put others on the road in danger.

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