The City Of Detroit To Spend $60 Million On Roadways

The City of Detroit is shelling out big bucks this construction season to fix the roads in the city that really need it. According to the Detroit News, the city is spending far more than it did around this time last year to fix roadway issues, especially in residential areas of the city. The funds to complete this work are coming from federal transportation funds and the City of Detroit’s share of the state gasoline tax revenue.

Detroit Construction Car Crash Lawyer

The current plans are to resurface 53 miles of roadway in Detroit neighborhoods and 26 miles of major roadway. Most of this work will be done by city work crews, which have hired extra seasonal workers to take on the extra load.

The current major projects slated include many major roadways. New landscaped medians and bike paths on East Jefferson and repavement of other parts is slated to be finished in late 2017. Improvements will be made to the Rosa Parks Bridge north of Lafayette, the Lafayette bridge west of Rosa Parks, and the bridge between Mount Elliot and Mound Road. Upgrades will also be made to four roads near the Rouge River to reduce storm runoff into the sewer system. Construction on many of these projects has already started and should conclude around November of 2016. The roads that were selected were chosen due to their condition, amount of usage, and density of surrounding neighborhoods. Although no roads will be closed during the duration of this work, traffic is expected. Crews ask for citizens of Detroit to be patient as they try and make the roadways safer for everyone.

Detroit is often known as one of the worst off cities when it comes to the state of its infrastructure, including roadways and bridges. This news should be met with smiles from many Detroiters, because these changes are long overdue. It is important to keep roadways safe for drivers because this limits the number of accidents and allows for traffic to run smoothly in regularly congested areas. While the roadwork is going on it is important to slow down and always be weary of workers. After the construction is finished, all the time spent allowing for it to be done will be well worth it.

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