Faster EMS Response Times in Detroit

In January 2014, the average response time of Detroit’s Emergency Medical Services was 18 minutes. Therefore, when Mayor Mike Duggan, a former hospital executive, took office, his administration added to their agenda, the task of reducing EMS times down to 8 minutes.

According to information obtained by the Motor City Muckraker, Mayor Duggan and his administration have managed to cut down EMS time to 10 minutes and 30 seconds. Additional ambulances are being used and new technologies are being incorporated into the EMS protocol.

The City of Detroit decision to employ more certified firefighters is especially key to reducing EMS response times in Detroit. A study conducted by the International Association of Fire Chiefs in 2010 concluded that firefighters are in the best position to response quickly and provide vital services as the fire department is geographically deployed throughout the community of minimize response times.  Also, EMS training is part of the basic training for all firefighters.

Lowering emergency response times is an obvious necessity to ensuring that victims of car crashes and motorcycle crashes can be treated immediately for all injures sustained in the accident. Faster response time means there may be a lesser chance of permanent injuries.

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