Flint EMS Overlooks Dead Man In Car Crash

According to the Detroit Free Press, an EMS ambulance crew that was the first responder to a Flint car accident didn't notice a man in the car who was later determined to be dead, 28 year old Cortez Cheathams.

Police Chief James Tolbert and ambulance company Mobile Medical Response tell The Flint Journal the response is under review after a second ambulance crew more than an hour later reported a body in the car.
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After the first EMS crew left the scene of the motor vehicle accident, a second EMS was sent out later after a persistent neighbor was able to persuade emergency dispatchers to send a second crew to the scene.

The EMS company is supposedly conducting an internal investigation and recently turned all available information regarding the case to the Genesee County Medical Control Authority.  Additionally, this case is being investigated by the Flint Police Department to determine if there is any criminal wrongdoing.

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