Factors of Michigan No-Fault Insurance Pricing

Cars are a part of the American experience. The majority of Americans rely on cars to transport them to anywhere they what to go. But what also comes along with the experience is high insurance rates and dangerous drivers. Incidents of drivers performing dangerous maneuvers on the road that potentially endanger everyone else on the road, are commonplace nowadays. Bad driving is a catalyst for road rage. Roadways have become an influx of money spent based on accidents and coverage in case of accidents.

Insurance rates have several factors that should make drivers think twice before attempting questionable driving practices. Age is a major contributor that creates disparity in insurance pricing. Individuals between ages of 16 and 25 often have the highest rates.  Another factor that contributes to driving that often comes with a certain amount of controversy is gender. Many studies have shown that men are more likely to have more hazardous driving practices that lead to accidents than women. Marital status is another factor that has some people stumped in why this matters but it is a part of the current insurance system. An additional determinant for insurance premiums is whether a person is a college graduate or not. All these attributes that directly affect insurance rates still are not enough to make people drive better.

Top Ten Most Dangerous State Drivers

A recent list compiled by Car Insurance Comparison showcases the top ten worst states for drivers. Believe it or not, Michigan did not make it on this particular list.  Montana is the worst state when it comes to several criteria. The dangerous driver criteria included:

  • Fatalities Rate per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled

  • Failure to Obey (Percentage of Fatal Crashes that involved Traffic Signals, Not Wearing Seat Belts, and Driving with an Invalid Driver’s License)

  • Drunk Driving (Percentage of Fatal Crashes that Involved Alcohol)

  • Speeding (Percentage of Driving Fatalities that were Speed-Related)

  • Careless Driving (Pedestrian & Bicyclist Fatalities per 100,000 Population)