Most Common Bicycle-Automobile Fatality Accidents

Although not as common as auto accidents involving only motor vehicles, accidents do occur between automobiles and bicycles. These accidents are very dangerous due to the lack of protection while riding a bicycle and the raw power and force cars posses. According to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, in 2013 alone almost 750 bicyclists were killed in car crashes. In that same year, about 48,000 bicyclists were injured in crashes. These numbers are slightly up from 2001, but not radically different, showing that these statistics are staying somewhat stagnant over time. 

Bicycle Car Crash Lawyer

The 4 Types of Bicycle Crash Scenarios

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), there are four typical bicycle crash scenarios which involve automobiles.

  1. The first is an accident in which the car and the bicyclist are travelling the same way on the same roadway, and the automobile strikes the cyclist.
    • This type of crash accounts for 9% of crashes, but a staggering 45% of deaths to bicyclists.
  2. The second scenario is when a car is travelling down one street and a bicyclist is travelling down a perpendicular street, and without seeing the cyclist, the driver makes a turn or pulls through the intersection, thereby striking the cyclist. 
    • This scenario accounts for 29% of crashes and 22% of deaths.
  3. The third scenario is when a bicyclist is riding against traffic and is struck by a vehicle going the other way.
    • This type of accident accounts for 3% of crashes and 6% of deaths.
  4. The last scenario is when a driver pulls out across traffic, to turn, and a bicyclist is travelling down a perpendicular road from the driver, unseen by the driver, and is struck by the vehicle.
    • This scenario accounts for 22% of crashes and 2% of deaths.

Although these scenarios are the most common, they only account for 63% of crashes and 75% of deaths, leaving a lot of wiggle room when it comes to the variety of accidents bicyclists may be involved in. It is always very important for drivers to pay special attention to the road for bicyclists, because collisions involving automobiles and bicycles are often fatal.

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