Volkswagen & Porsche Recall Almost 1 Million Vehicles

It was announced this past week that Volkswagen and Porsche have recalled almost 1,000,000 SUVs over a pedal issue. This recall was enforced by the automakers themselves and not by the federal government. Only two vehicles in particular have been recalled by the automakers, the Volkswagen Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne, both of which are SUVs assembled under the Volkswagen Group.

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CNET reported, that in a release from the automakers, it was explained that a clip may become dislodged in the assembly, which could negatively affect the pedal functionality. This obviously sounds like a very large issue, but the recall is simply a precautionary measure, according to the automaker. Fortunately, there have been no recorded accidents, injuries, or deaths caused by the defect. This is a case in which the automakers decided to issue a recall before any malfunctions may have occurred, instead of waiting for an accident to occur and having the government get involved.

It is always important to keep up on all warranty information for your vehicle. Typically vehicle recall information is relayed by mail. You can also check to see if your car has been recalled at or at your dealership. Not only is it important to ensure that drivers keep up with relevant recall information, but it is very important to make sure those on the road keep up with all safety checkups on their vehicle as well.

Routine car checkups can prevent accidents and damage to vehicles that costs significant amounts of money. By keeping cars safe, the likelihood of getting into an accident is far less and keeps the road safer for everyone. This is just one of many things drivers can do to ensure their safety and the safety of others on the road.

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