April 7-13 Is Dog Bite Prevention Week!

According to The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), dogs bite more than 4.5 million people each year. Most dog bite victims are unfortunately senior citizens and children, but surprisingly to some, mail carriers are also frequently bitten by dogs.

In fact, just last month, a video of a dog attacking a mailman in Detroit went viral on Oneil Colley's Facebook page. In just 4 hours, the video was shared 60,000 times and was commented on 22,000 times! The Detroit Free Press described the 6-minute video as follows: “The video, apparently shot from inside a vehicle, shows a dog biting and pulling on the foot and ankle area of the postal carrier. Several people try to intervene and beat the dog with various objects, including a broom, a trash receptacle and what appears to be metal tools in an effort to stop the attack. The dog lets go of the carrier off-screen. A man gets a leash on it and starts to walk away, trying to keep the dog at a distance, but the dog charges toward him. He drops the leash. The animal at one point collapses, apparently injured. The video ends with the dog running after another person.”

Even with several people attempting to stop the assault, the dog still won the fight. While it’s not known why the dog attacked the mailman, it’s likely that the dog felt threatened and attacked in order to defend itself. The AVMA warns people against engaging in risky situations with dogs so that people can stay clear of dog bite injuries. And since this week, April, 7-13 is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, people should learn about what some of these risky dog bite situations are and how to avoid them.

Risky Dog Bite Situations To Avoid

Avoid petting a dog in these scenarios:

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  • If the dog is with its owner but the owner does not give permission to pet the dog.

  • If the dog is on the other side of the fence – don't reach through or over a fence to pet a dog.

  • If a dog is sleeping or eating.

  • If a dog is sick or injured.

  • If a dog is playing with a toy.

  • If a dog is growling or barking.

  • If a dog appears to be hiding or seeking time alone.

Even the cutest, fluffiest, marshmallow-come-to-life dogs pack a mean bite when they feel threatened. Mail carriers have to deliver mail to every address and can’t always avoid running into dogs. However, the average citizen should keep their eyes open when they see a dog and should remember how to avoid risky dog bite situations. The American Veterinary Medical Association encourages individuals to use their hashtag, #preventdogbites to share dog bite prevention information on social media.

Dog bites are painful. Not only do they cause physical pain, but dog bite injuries can rack up ER and medical bills and legal fees. The dog bite lawyers at The Michigan Law Firm, PC fight to help victims of dog bite injuries identify and receive compensation for their attack. Please call us at 844.4MI.FIRM for a free legal consultation with a dog bite attorney.