The Samsung Safety Truck

Time and time again on the road drivers get stuck behind semi-trucks. It can be even more frustrating when you're behind them on a two-lane highway. Drivers in this situation have a tendency to edge out into the opposite lane to peer ahead, and wonder if it's a good time to pass the 18-wheeler. In many cases, if the driver is not careful, a car accident can occur, most likely a head on collision with a driver traveling in the opposite direction.

Semi Truck Accident Attorney

This major issue and the reason why most accidents occur in this situation is due to drivers not being able to see the entire roadway clearly in front of the semi-truck. Even if the truck slows down to help you pass quicker, there is still a lot of ground to be covered in a short amount of time. In order to prevent crashes in these situation, Samsung is developing a solution.

According to Trucking News Online, Samsung says it is on the road to developing a solution for this passing predicament. Samsung is working on something called, The Safety Truck. This truck contains a wireless camera system, which connects to a big screen on the back of the truck. This screen will give drivers a view of what's going on in front of the truck, during both the day and night. This screen will help drivers decide whether or not it is safe to pass the semi-truck, and will ultimately prevent accidents and save lives.

A video shot by Samsung is below.  It demonstrates the safety advantages of having a flat screen attached to the back of a semi-truck showing what is actually in front of the truck.  

According to the Washington Post, "[t]he camera is equipped with night vision and should also help drivers be more prepared in the event of a sudden stop if, say, an animal jumps out in front of a truck." Innovative thinking like this is be best way to decrease motor vehicle accidents and increase the safety of drivers in both Michigan and around the world. 

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