Detroit Area Freeways To See New Lights

The Michigan Law Firm blog recently updated readers on a study which revealed that most headlights on common cars are of below average quality, at best. As we mentioned, having poor quality headlights can be directly correlated to many accidents that occur at night and their consequent resulting injuries and deaths. In the majority of car accidents occurring at night, the lack of lighting was the main issue, because drivers were not able to see obstacles ahead of them. The same issue of poor lighting is also one that is currently plaguing Detroit, Michigan highways.

A poor and crumbling infrastructure system in Detroit has neglected the lighting system for roads and freeways for almost a decade, but that is about to change this week. The Detroit Free Press reported that The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) announced this week that Freeway Lighting Partners, a public-private partnership, will be installing upgrades to the failing lighting system in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties. The 15 year contract which the state of Michigan signed with the company, states that after the first year of replacements, 90% of the lights must be operational and after the second year, 98% of the lights must be operational. The need for lights has been a long time problem. MDOT reported that of the some 15,000 freeway lights in the Metro Detroit area, 87% are currently high-pressure sodium or metal halide fixtures, a style which is out of date. The plans for replacement call for energy efficient LED lights. This change in light bulbs will not only save money for the city on electrical bills, but it will make the road safer for citizens of Detroit, at night.

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As Detroit’s comeback comes further and further along, the infrastructure that supports Detroit does as well. Not only is the city doing well, but roads and bridges are being replaced to combat the new influx of traffic in the city. Although a majority of these changes are happening in the more populated areas like downtown and New Center, these changes have been needed for a long time. In the years to come, Detroiters hope that these changes will also start to affect the neighborhoods surrounding downtown. For the safety of drivers in Detroit, it is important that these infrastructure issues be addressed in a timely manner, because without the infrastructure to support a city with the magnitude of Detroit, a revitalization is pretty hard.

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