Woodward Dream Cruise And It's Competition

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This upcoming weekend in Metro Detroit, is one of the biggest car events in the world, the Woodward Dream Cruise. Despite being one of the most popular automotive events, it has a lot of competition in the state of Michigan alone. According to the Detroit News, the dream cruise is just one of hundreds of classic car shows in Michigan this summer. This upcoming weekend, ranging from Livonia to Menominee in the Upper Peninsula, there are ten other auto events.

With so many car shows around the state, car enthusiasts can stay in their local areas and attend a show instead of making the long trek to metro Detroit. Although all of these other car shows exist on the same weekend, year after year, making it easier for people to attend an event closer to them, drivers from all over the state and country travel to Woodward. The organizers of the event don't keep attendance records, but it is estimated that numbers have jumped from 250,000 attendees during the first year, to over one million in recent years.

The most important aspect of the Woodward Dream Cruise, which gathers so many people, is the consistency. Each year, the Dream Cruise is held on the 3rd Saturday of August, from 9am to 9pm, on Woodward Avenue, from Ferndale to Pontiac. It's arguable that the event is the biggest one-day celebration of car culture in the world. If you want to see older cars from 1908 to 1970, you're more than likely going to see them. In addition to these rare cars, exotic cars, muscle cars, and hot rods will be in attendance too.  For more information about the Woodward Dream Cruise, click here.

During the Woodward Dream Cruise there are thousands of cars on the road and it can get very crowded at sometimes, potentially leading to motor vehicle crashes. If you have been injured in an auto accident, contact a lawyer at The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC. Our accident attorneys are experienced in handling all types of car and motorcycle crashes. Call 844.4MI.FIRM for a free consultation today.