Continental's Automated Car

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Continental Automotive's highly automated vehicle can handle multiple aspects of driving including stop-and-go traffic, highway cruising and steering, and can even safely slow down and maneuver around objects. According to the Detroit News, the car is filled with technology to help the car drive on it's own including a long range radar, four short range radars, four small surround-view cameras, as well as a camera attached to the windshield that looks ahead for cars, objects, pedestrians, etc. The technology can help the vehicle detect blind spots, automatically brake, and restart in highway traffic jams, while actively attempting to avoid car accidents. Despite all of the technology, from the outside, the car looks exactly like a Chrysler 300.

“I know the car has everything under control,” said demonstration driver Ibro Muharemovic, Continental’s head of advanced engineering. Continental is demonstrating its vehicle during the Center for Automotive Research’s Management Briefing Seminars here. “It sees everything around me, it sees everything in front of me and it’s able to proactively, not reactive, but proactively avoid anything that’s happening.”

The inside of the automated car looks fairly normal, besides a bar that runs along the dashboard, which lights up different colors to show what mode the vehicle is in. In addition to this, there are multiple screens in the car, one with the GPS system and important information for the driver such as the current road's speed limit, and a third which shows the camera view of what is in front of the vehicle. With technology advancing and company's like Continental making progressive in the automated driving area, vehicles could possibly be seen with this new technology in the next several years.

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