Semi-Truck Drivers' Distractions Are Increasing

Semi-truck drivers around the nation are becoming increasingly distracted by cell phones. Recently, Lytx Inc., a leader in video-based driver safety technology, conducted a study, which showed that hands-free and hand-held cell phones are the biggest distractions to truck drivers. Lytx Inc. was able to make this study happen due to their advanced technology system used in trucks.

Texting and Driving Lawyer

"1,600,000 accidents happen per year due to texting while driving."

Lytx Inc. uses an in-cab video and audio system in order to deliver driver safety to fleets. This system is used to help prevent collisions, reduce injuries, and provide training to drivers. The system has triggers set by risky driving events, such as hard breaking, sudden acceleration, swerving, excessive speed, or other actions that could potentially lead to a collision. When these triggers are set off, the program is designed to capture video and audio of inside and outside the cab.

According to Truck News Online, the study shows that truck drivers using hands-free cell phones while driving made up 32 percent of those video triggered events, compared to the last five years, where it was only 20 percent. The second biggest contributor to distractions was a hand-held cell phone, triggering 27 percent of videos. Cell phones can lead to any type of auto accident, whether the phone is hands-free or hand-held.  The National Safety Council reported that 1,600,000 accidents happen per year due to texting while driving. It’s not only texting while driving that causes accidents. Using your cell phone in general can cause crashed, whether it’s surfing the web, texting, or using your GPS or even playing Angry Birds.

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