Motorcycle Injury Prevention

Motorcycle protective gear has two basic purposes, which are comfort and protection, according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation ("MSF"), a modern authority of motorcycle safety. Wearing protective gear while riding a motorcycle is extremely important, as it can help prevent or reduce injuries. In addition to this, it’s also very important to have this protective gear properly fitted, as it will help you stay comfortable when encountering various riding conditions.  According to the MSF, some of the many important personal protective items include a helmet, gloves, and face shields. 

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The helmet is the most important piece of protective gear that you should wear. In Michigan, you are required to wear a helmet unless you are 20 years old or younger according to ABATE. Helmets help protect the rider’s head in four ways. The outer shell of the helmet resists penetration and abrasion. The inside of the shell absorbs more of the shock by slowly collapsing under impact. Finally, the foam-and-cloth liner makes the helmet more comfortable and helps it fit correctly.

Face shields are very important as well, and they come in a variety of designs in order to fit any helmet. When you use a face shield, be sure that it is securely fastened to the helmet. Tinted shields can also be used as they help avoid eye fatigue during the day. However, during the night you should always wear a clear one In addition to helmets and face shields, gloves also make a huge difference with motorcycle safety. Wearing full-fingered motorcycle gloves can protect your hands from blisters, wind, sun, and the cold, as well as prevent cut, bruises, and scratches in a crash. 

Even if motorcyclists wear all of this protective gear, there is still a possibility of having an accident. Motorcycle accidents are more common than car crashes, and can be extremely dangerous.

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