Lowering Michigan Auto Insurance Rates

According to a study by Insure.com, Michiganders pay on average, a rate of $2,520 for their car insurance, because of the Michigan no-fault system. This premium covers the cost of personal injury protection (PIP) benefits for the policy holder. In other words, the driver's insurance company covers the cost of all medical bills in the case that the policyholder and in certain circumstances, the passengers in the car are injured in a motor vehicle accident regardless of fault.

Michigan Car Insurance

People often ask is there a way to obtain cheaper auto insurance or is there a way to lower car insurance premiums.  The answer may lie in recent technological developments in the auto industry - self driving cars. 

If humans were not actively controlling motor vehicles, thus removing the number one cause of car crashes, human error, many say the amount of annual car crashes  will be significantly reduced.

In a recent study involving 1,500 new car owners, The Boston Consulting Group found that 44% of people surveyed would buy a fully autonomous car. The top three reason that they stated for buying a self-driving care were increased safety, lower car insurance premiums, and the allowance of productivity and multitasking while the car drives them around. 

If cars are made to drive themselves, and drive themselves so safely as to allow the passengers to watch TV or sleep while the car is in motion, perhaps it is likely that because of the new safety features, car crashes will be less frequent. 

Until self-driving cars are further developed, tested, and integrated into the Michigan laws,  , people will be required to drive their own cars and brave the dangerous Michigan roads and risk car accidents.

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