Hamtramck, Michigan Residents Fill Potholes Themselves

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Hamtramck residents are filling potholes themselves to reduce auto accidents.

On Thursday night, July 23, 2015, a group of friends and Hamtramck residents complained and said they were fed up with their city's roads and potholes. According to the Detroit Free Press, instead of waiting around for the city to fix them, the residents decided to put matters into their own hands. They went out and bought 17 bags of cold patch, which is around 900 pounds, for $120. On Saturday morning, July 25th, the group of friends dragged themselves out of bed and spread out down the street with handheld packing tools on the rockiest road near their homes, Lumpkin Street, between Caniff Avenue and Casmere Street.  

Just an hour and a half later, the six Hamtramck residents filled up most of the block after running out of materials. The Detroit Free Press reported that Hamtramck's potholes are notorious for being some of the worst in the region. In March 2015, one block of Charest Street had 33 potholes, including one that the Free Press described as an “ovalish monster”, which was over five feet in length. Recently, in a previous article, we discussed the dangerous and defective roads in Metro Detroit area along with the rest of the State of Michigan.

This upcoming weekend, the people of Hamtramck plan to do more work and fix other potholes in the dangerous streets. They've already bought more cold patch bags and are hoping that other residents in the area volunteer to help.

“If every resident bought a bag of cold patch, this would be over,” said Maritza Garibay, adding that a bag costs about $10 and that the process is extremely simple. “You just have to tamp it down.”

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