Snow Finally Hitting Detroit: How To Prepare

WDIV Detroit reported today that the snow the Metro-Detroit area is currently experiencing isn’t stopping anytime soon, and that we can expect to see flurries on and off for the next ten or so days, accompanied by the lowest temperatures of the winter, so far. As the lake effect snow continues to fall, it will become more and more of a problem for drivers and residents of the area. This weather has already closed a number of schools this week and has caused a number of accidents on major roadways.

Snow Plow Accident Lawyer


It is important when driving in this winter weather to practice good driving technique. Knowing how your vehicle will react is the difference between a skid and an accident. According to the United States Department of Labor, when the weather is shifts for the worst, increase your following distance to lessen the risk of an accident, keep your eyes open for ice and pedestrians at a longer distance, and if you do begin to skid, steer into the skid to get back to normality quicker. Lastly, it is important to keep calm. If you are behind the wheel and stressed, you will increase your risk of an accident.

So far, we have had a very warm winter, but with snow moving in quickly it is important to keep in mind the proper driving technique for when the weather is not as nice. According to a recent study, over 800 people die every year because of winter weather driving conditions. In 2014, 11.8% of all accidents in Michigan were related to snow/blowing snow, according to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts. Stay off the roads if at all possible, and if you do have to drive, remember that safety comes first!

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