Walks To School Improving In Detroit, Michigan

In 2011, Detroit Public Schools (DPS) launched it's Safe Routes to School initiative. According to the Detroit Free Press, the program singled out the neighborhoods around three high school campuses in the Metro Detroit area, Cody, Osborn, and Denby for child safety concerns. In these areas, the frequency of police patrols was increased, as well as volunteer patrols and blight removal. In the past four years, Detroit Public Schools has expanded their initiative across the city, now covering both DPS schools and those run by the Education Achievement Authority, in order to help further prevent crime and car accidents involving children. The district is divided into 33 school hub zones, and each district now has a Detroit police officer assigned to it in an effort to curb the amount of auto accidents involving minors.

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The school zones safety is improving, but dangers are still present. On the properties of Denby, Osborn, and Cody, arrests and juvenile detentions fell between 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. At Denby, arrests fell by 24%, from 29 to 22, arrests at Osborn fell 8%, from 23 to 21, and arrests at Cody decreased by 69%, from 26 to eight. In addition to DPS, officers from other jurisdictions are helping out, including 12 Michigan State Police troopers, reserve deputies from the Wayne County Sheriff's department, and officers from the Wayne State University Police Department.

In the past, Detroit, Michigan has been known for higher than average crime levels, specifically a higher than average level of  murders, robberies, carjackings, and and a variety of personal injury accidents. In 2013, according to City Data, Detroit had 316 murders, 4,774 robberies, 8,796 assaults, and 11,754 burglaries. In addition to this, there is also a possibility for car accidents to occur while students are on there way to school. In the state of Michigan alone, in 2014, according to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts, there were 298,699 motor vehicle crashes in total, which resulted in 876 fatalities and 71,378 injuries.

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