Bike Accident Causes Fatality in Farmington Hills, Michigan

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Police in Farmington Hills, Michigan are urging anyone who may have witnessed an accident between a bicyclist and a vehicle to step forward with any information that they may have regarding the crash. Late night, around 10:50 p.m. on July 4th, 2015, a bicyclist accidently stepped into the path of a car. The unfortunate incident took place on 8 Mile Road near Grand River in Farmington Hills, Michigan.
The bicyclist was immediately taken to the local Botsford Hospital but was unable to recover from the crash. He was identified as a 48 year old man from Livonia, Michigan, but that is the only information Farmington Police gave regarding this case.
As the police do not have much information regarding the accident and have no reason to believe that drugs and alcohol were involved, they are asking anyone who may have witnessed the fatal accident to contact the Farmington Hills Police Command Desk with any information.
Though less common than motor vehicle accidents which involve one or more cars, motor vehicle accidents which involve bicycles are still quite prevalent. And while motor vehicle accidents involving one or more cars are quite dangerous, motor vehicle accidents involving bicycles can be even more deadly. This is for the obvious reason that a bicyclist simply isn’t as protected in a car crash as well as an automobile driver is. Bicyclists don’t have the support of a car’s metal frame to absorb the blow of the crash. This is very likely the reason why the man in the Farmington Hills crash was immediately pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital.
Those who are lucky enough to survive car accidents however have a whole other can of worms awaiting them after a car crash. Though they are lucky to be alive, they unluckily are subjected to the many injuries inflicted by the motor vehicle accident, including physical injuries such as broken bones, head injuries, or paralysis, and mental injuries such as post-traumatic stress disorder. What’s worse is when treatment for these injuries becomes insanely expensive and car insurance companies deny victims claims.

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