Michigan State Police Trooper Injured on Southfield Freeway

On Tuesday, June 30, 2015, a Michigan State Police trooper suffered minor injuries as he got involved in a scuffle with a driver on the Southfield Freeway. According to Click On Detroit, a driver of an SUV was seen traveling 90 mph in the northbound lanes of the Southfield Freeway near Warren Avenue. In most cases, driving at this speed could potentially cause a car accident. The police officer caught up to the SUV and pulled him over. When the SUV was pulled over on the side of the road, the driver jumped over a seat and into the back of the SUV. He then tried to get out of the car in order to flee the scene.

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The Michigan State Police Trooper then tried to arrest the driver, but the driver swung a punch at the trooper. During the incident, both the driver and the officer fell to the ground. At the time, a retired police officer was in the area and noticed what was going on. He then got involved and helped contain the driver. The driver is now being held in the Monroe County Jail. Police also said that the driver was not the only passenger in the motor vehicle at the time. There was a woman in the passenger seat. However, she was not involved in the incident.

Along with incidents like these, car accidents can also occur on freeways. Car accidents can occur at any given time, whether you are on a freeway, highway, or even a small road. According to the Association For Safe International Road Travel, over 37,000 people die in road crashes per year. In addition to this statistics, 2.35 million people are injured or disabled from an accident. Over 1,600 children under the age of 15 die each year.

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