Preventing Road Rage Car Accidents

While on the road, all drivers some degree of experience anger and frustration, whether you are mad at yourself for not paying attention and almost causing an accident, or mad at other drivers for almost crashing into you. Many refer to this as “road rage.” According to Wired Magazine, the anonymity of driving alone can lead to more aggressive, less inhibited behavior. A psychological study conducted by Philip Zimbardo found that driving often serves as identity-masking hood. While driving a car, the ability to communicate with others on the road is limited, besides the actions of honking, hand gestures, and light flashing. 

Road Rage Attorney

Oftentimes when people blame others on the road, they don’t truly think about the situation. Sometimes, it’s not the other person’s fault, it’s in fact yours. The possibility that it was your own fault doesn’t always register while driving because humans can be quick to make snap judgments and react to emotions instead of logic. 

It may seem difficult to stop this behavior while driving and prevent the possibility of motor vehicle accidents, but there is indeed a solution. In most situations, the passenger in a car rarely gets aggravated about other drivers on the road. The passenger in a vehicle may be able to prevent and pacify the outrage of the driver. Wired Magazine states that “Studies that have examined the brain activity of drivers and passengers as they engaged in simulated driving have shown that different neural regions are activated in drivers and passengers.” People driving on their own tend to drive more aggressively and become frustrated easier. Driving with a passenger in the car can potentially be a life and money saver, and this is especially true for Michigan drivers who drive on dangerous roads or icy roads. 

Although driving with a passenger in the car can be beneficial to some people and help prevent crashes, motor vehicle accidents are still possible, whether you drive by yourself or with other people in the car.  

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