Autonomous Vehicles May Free Drivers Of Parking Woes

Autonomous vehicles on the road may rid drivers of many hassles in cities. According to The United Nations, already heavily populated cities will continue to grow and eventually contain 66 percent of the world's population, by 2050. With the increase of city populations, cars will be the next thing to increase in number. This can make an already difficult city driving experience even more dreadful.

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While we've discussed autonomous cars many times in previous blog posts, this instance stands out. This is because automaker Audi is currently working on an autonomous vehicle, specifically in an effort to alleviate drivers of the unwanted turmoil of parking. This autonomous car has the potential of saving time and easing tensions on the roads. It has the capability to decrease the time involved in finding a parking space and the space needed to fit the car, without damaging any vehicles.

Technology that would allow a car to park itself would help drivers avoid car accidents and would avoid collisions in crowded city parking lots. This is good news for those Michigan drivers with road rage.

An additional benefit of self-driving cars is that they produce less pollution than human controlled cars.  "The environmental ramifications are enormous...a 2008 study...found that drivers spent an average of 3.1 minutes searching for parking space and covered an average distance of .37 miles. Extrapolate those figures...people roaming...created 366,000 excess vehicle miles of travel—that’s equivalent to 14 trips around the planet—and added 325 tons of CO2 in one year."

However good autonomous cars may be, they are not yet available to the public. Until autonomous vehicles become widespread, it is always important for drivers to be diligent and aware of their surroundings in parking lots. Looking both ways before backing out of a space or looking to see if someone else is backing out a space, will significantly lower the chance of a car collision.

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