Cyclist Hit By An SUV In Crosswalk

A lawsuit was filed in Chicago by the husband of a woman struck on her bike in a crosswalk by an SUV. The lawsuit is a wrongful death lawsuit against 56-year-old driver Hanna Burzynska. Eric Jakubowski, the cyclist's husband, is seeking more than $100,000 for his wife Joni Beaudry, according to the Chicago Tribune. Authorities state that Beaudry, had activated the crossing signal before riding her bike in the crosswalk.

Bike Accident Lawyer

“This is a situation where no amount of money can ever change the circumstances here," said the personal injury attorney representing the Jakubowski family.

The Jakubowski lawsuit claims that Burzynska “carelessly and negligently drove and operated [the SUV] and failed to keep a reasonable [and] careful lookout ahead for other traffic or pedestrians attempting to cross [the road].” This personal injury suit seeks monetary compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses, and burial expenses. Another reason Jakubowski filed the lawsuit is  pain and suffering due compensation for the loss of Beaudry. 

Burzynska was originally charged with a $150 fine following the auto accident and was later issued fines for misdemeanor traffic citations including failure to yield to a pedestrian and failure to reduce speed. Her attorney, stated that Burzynska has also suffered as a result of the accident “not nearly to the degree of this family but psychologically...she's not been able to work.”


According to the National Highway for Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2014,  deaths similar to Beaudry’s accounted for 726 deaths, the equivalent of nearly 2 lives lost every day. However, 50,000 injuries were reported due to bicycling versus motor vehicle incidents. The NHTSA research shows that 29% of cyclists are killed as a result of accidents involving motor vehicles.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) listed some promising interventions that could protect cyclist when traveling. 

Interventions that showed to be promising in reducing auto accident injuries and fatalities to bicyclists include: 

  • Wearing fluorescent clothing that also aids cyclists in being visible from further away. 
  • Dressing in retro-reflective clothing to allow bicyclists to be visible at night.
  • A cyclist can fit their bike(s) with active lighting that can be attached to the tires or the bike frame for increased visibility. Active lighting includes the front white and rear red lights that usually come attached to the bicycle. 

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