Digging Deeper Into Car Safety Features

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Thinking about buying a new car soon? You might want to do your homework on the safety features before closing the deal. While virtually every new car is proclaimed to be “the safest car yet,” there are still differing opinions on what truly makes a car safest for drivers. Confusing terminology and differing safety features that cars offer can make choosing a car difficult, and requires potential car buyers to take a closer look.

One safety feature that can cause confusion for buyers and dealers alike, is the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) system. AEB uses sensors which are mounted on the front end of a car to detect when a driver is about to have a collision and hasn’t done anything about it, and will apply the brake system for the driver. According to The Telegraph, this technology has reduced the chances of a rear-end collision by nearly 38%. It is expected that as systems such as AEB spread and become more popular, insurance premiums will have decreased by 43% worldwide, by 2035. 

Unfortunately, there has been confusion over which variation of AEB is most effective or even what to call it. Most manufacturers don’t refer to it by the standard term, and buyers are hardly aware the technology even exists, which results in buyers not being able to ask the appropriate questions about the safety feature. 

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Making things even more confusing for consumers, is the fact that there are currently three different variations of the system: laser-based, radar-based, and camera-based. Results have shown that combined a radar and camera-based system proves to be the most effective, but due to the expensive cost of the technology, most vehicles are not being fitted for these combined features. 

For prospective car buyers, it’s important to be thorough in inquiring about the safety features of the cars they are interested in. Before looking at different car options, buyers should do research online to find information on different safety features that are offered. 

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