Honda Rolls Out New Pocket Breathalyzer

Over the past few decades, most of the new technology we have seen in automobiles has been related to safety. Automotive companies and government agencies have been obsessed with making cars safer for everyone, in an attempt to lower fatality rates for drivers of all ages. All of these have been curbed except for many one of the most important ones, drunk driving. The Car Connection reported that almost 10,000 deaths per year are related to drunk driving. That is significantly more lives than technology such as back up cameras or automatic brakes have been able to save so far.

Yes, this technology is important, but to a point. Drivers and lawmakers have to wonder what is going to be done about lowering the risk of being struck by a driver who is under the influence. Many believe it is foolish to hope that lawmakers can stop people from driving drunk. They think that there are not enough police, some areas do not have services to enable drinkers not to drive, and a number of other negative reasons. However, auto manufacturers and tech companies like Honda and Hitachi have other ideas.

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Although the design will not be unveiled until next month, the a new idea which may curb drunk driving, has been released. The two companies have created a pocket-size breathalyzer that drivers can use to monitor their drinking to help determine whether they have had much to drive. Although drivers do not have all the details about the technology yet, a few things have been promised by the designers.

First, it's very simple. It’s small. According to sources it can fit easily into your hand or pocket for use on the go. Second, it's fast. It can give readings in as little as three seconds for quick access and ease of use. Lastly, it can be configured to work with smart key technology. This means that it can be enabled within a vehicle to only allow the vehicle to start when a blood alcohol content level is below a certain level, meaning driving drunk would actually be physically impossible.

Technology like this is a breath of fresh air for those directly affected by drunk driving. Someone is finally doing something about a problem which leads to thousands of deaths every year. It’s important to remember the basics to preventing drunk driving deaths however. If planning to participate in any sort of drinking, it is never safe to drive. Always arrange a designated driver if you plan to drink or call a cab or Uber. If a driver appears to be intoxicated, give them space and do not get into a position where said driver can cause harm. Choosing to not drink and drive can be the difference between life and death, literally.

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