Semi-Truck Crashes in Detroit, Spills 9,000 Gallons of Oil

Semi-Truck Crash Attorney

At approximately 8:45 a.m. on May 24th, 2015, an oil tanker blast occurred on a curved bridge where the I-75 meets the I-375 in Detroit, Michigan according to The Detroit News and WXYZ. The tanker was carrying 9,000 gallons of unleaded gasoline, which set fire and released a large amount of smoke into the air. The driver, Kai Moore, said his brakes had gone out, causing the tanker to roll on its side and catch fire. Initially, the fire caused an hours-long traffic jam along the freeway, and it is expected to be at least a five-day closure. 

Auto accidents happen on a regular basis, and sometimes like this situation, sometimes mechanical failures in the motor vehicle are involved in the accident. Unfortunately, Kai’s brakes allegedly stopped working and his semi-truck tanker ended up rolling over. Kai thought that it was amazing he survived. He also described the situation and how he reached safety. 

“When that tanker impacted the ground, it immediately caught fire. Fire came up into the cab, I was in my seatbelt, that's what held me. I had to climb out and run away from the fire and the fuel that was coming down the ramp.” Fortunately for Kai, he was wearing his seatbelt and because of this he was able to climb out of the tanker with minimal injuries. 

Motor vehicle safety is extremely important. Although Kai was involved in a crash, he was able to survive due to his seatbelt, and this demonstrates how crucial this safety is. Our firm has put together free resources to help those who have been injured in car accidents or would like to learn more about traffic laws, ways to keep safe on the road and how to seek treatment for injuries sustained in motor vehicle crashes.

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