Medical Providers Aim To Reduce Low-Volume Surgeries

Three major medical providers around the nation including the University of Michigan Health System, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and Johns Hopkins Medicine, are planning to enforce minimum-volume standards on their surgeons, according the a US News & World Report. By doing this, certain procedures may be eliminated, unless surgeons complete these operations frequently enough to maintain the requisite skill level.

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US News also reported that when common procedures are done at hospitals in small quantities, patients are at a higher risk of death than the patients who receive these procedures at hospitals where the surgeries are performed regularly. 

Patients all around the world, including those in Michigan, could face risks from common procedures, if the surgeons performing the procedure don’t perform the procedure often enough. These three major institutions are planning to make this transition to reduce low-volume surgeries by the end of the year, allowing their doctors and other medical professionals to specialize even more.

By allowing the medical teams to specialize further, the University of Michigan and other potential Michigan medical providers will likely increase their standards and quality of medical care as a whole. This may prove to be a benefit to those who are injured in Michigan car crashes or motorcycle crashes, as they will likely receive even better care at hospitals and experience lower risks of surgical complications. 

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