Knox County, Tennessee Changes Bus Policies After Accident

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On Monday, August 10, 2015, Knox County Schools in Tennessee started the new school year. According to Local 8 Tennessee News, on Friday, August 7, the superintendent of Knox County Schools spoke at West Haven Elementary school in order to discuss and speak about what is being done to keep the kids safe from school bus accidents. Last year, in December 2014, a school bus driver was texting while driving, which led to an auto accident where two students and a teachers aide were killed.

"We're looking at all of our protocols. We're looking at all of our practices. All of the policies that we have in place, and everything that we do to see if there are places where we can be more efficient," says Dr. McIntyre – Knox County School's superintendent. "To see if there are places where we can be more effective. To see if there are places where we can enhance the work that we do and the safety of our children."

In order to prevent more catastrophic school bus accidents from happening again, the school officials are implementing some changes. They are now requiring drivers to take additional hours of school bus driver training with law enforcement. They are also enforcing a safety check system, where police officers, deputies, or even school security guards can enter the buses at random, in order to check on drivers and the students to diminish the risk of school bus crashes. This system should start in September 2015 and will happen periodically throughout the year. In addition to these changes, they have also committed to installing two-way cameras into every school bus, so bus drivers and students can be monitored at all times to ensure even more safety and cut down on these tragic accidents.

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