Distracted Drivers Like Food

The automobile has become an enormous fixture in the lives of almost everyone. The car is often not only a mode of transportation but becomes an extension of someone’s home. When time is of the essence and hunger strikes with vigor, people often eat and drive. Although this is not as negativity stigmatized as drinking and driving, it is just as dangerous.

distracted driving car accident

Distractions while driving are mostly food related when someone is involved in a collision or near collisions. Roads are continuously filled with hazardous conditions that effect drivers, and as such, eating should definitely not be a part of anybody’s driving routine. According to Virtual Drive, nearly 80% of all collisions were the direct result of distracted drivers. When drivers have their eyes off the road, they are more likely to not follow traffic signs and increase their chances of losing control their vehicle. Also, distracted drivers' hazardous behavior further endangers roadways and has the potential to increase insurance rates.

The debate of whether eating while driving should be illegal is gaining traction in many communities. Recently, in Marietta, Georgia, a driver was cited for eating and driving. It does not seem like such a bad idea when you think of the amount of money and heartache you potentially save by just focusing on the roads not your stomach. It took years for lawmakers to begin to strictly regulate and punish people for texting and driving, so eating is the next logical major disruption that needs to be eradicated from roadways. Michigan roads are typically bad this time of year due to pot holes and slick road conditions. Therefore, it would be beneficial to everyone to drive safely and to wait until they arrive at their destination before eating.

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