Yoga Helps Man With Traumatic Brain Injury

Recently, yoga has become very common workout for people trying to stay in shape. There are also many other benefits to yoga such as relieving stress, becoming flexible, preventing injuries, and calming your mind. Now, there is a use for it that many people do not know about. According to NBC affiliate, Kare 11 News, yoga therapy is significantly helping 60-year-old Steve Stoner of Hugo, Minneapolis with various symptoms associates with his traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Two years ago, Steve Stoner fell down a flight of stairs at home. From falling down the stairs, Steve was in the local hospital for five months with a traumatic brain injury. His wife said, “[h]e had to learn how to breathe on his own again, eat on his own again, walk, and talk.” Once Steve had been released from the hospital, he and his wife Yvonne began doing yoga at home and at a local rehabilitation center as part of Steve's recovery plan. “It's a class that I do, that I enjoy, and my brain enjoys it and my body enjoys it,” said Stoner.

"You can work on these separate areas that each patient with a brain injury may have -- their balance, their strength, their breathing -- which is ultimately very important, movement in general, posture, and stability," said Neurologist Dr, Ronald Tarrel of Noran Neurological Clinic and Abbott Nortwestern Hospital.

One of Steve's yoga therapy instructors, Sara Cahanes, has watched him improve over the past year. “Not only has balanced improved, coordination has improved,” said Cahanes. Steve's wife said that yogo has brought calm to their lives and reduced their stress. Steve always feels good after a session and has mastered some of the many difficult poses.  Through yoga therapy Steve was also able to lower his pain levels from the tragic accident and take a step in the right direction towards getting his old life back.

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