Man Shot At A Gas Station In Inkster, Michigan

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On Monday, July 20th, at around 8:35 pm, at a Marathon gas station in Inkster, Michigan, at the intersection of Inkster Road and Avondale Street, a man was shot in the face, during which seemed to be a robbery. According to the Detroit News, Police are hoping that with information obtained from citizens and camera video from the gas station, will help them track down a suspect who seriously wounded the man. Interim Inkster Police Chief Joseph said, “I love to see citizen participation like this. Inkster is becoming a community that is developing a low tolerance for violence and crime. Once you have police and citizens working together, then it’s just a matter of time until we find this individual.”

'It appears that the victim was preparing to pump gas when a dark SUV pulled up with two males inside,' Thomas said. 'They went over and talked to the victim in what appears on the video to be a casual conversation. Then one produced a handgun and shot the victim in the face.'

Thomas described the shooting as some kind of robbery. “We’re pretty sure it was some kind of robbery because drug deals don’t usually go down at gas stations,” Thomas said. Robberies are common in the United States, especially Michigan, with Detroit's high crime rates. According to the FBI, in 2012, there were an estimated 354,520 robberies nationwide. These robberies accounted for an estimated $414 million in loses. In 2012, according to City Data, in the city of Detroit, Michigan, alone, there were 4, 843 robberies. That year, in the state of Michigan as a whole, there were 10,379 robberies.

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