Right Turn On Red Car Accidents

On February 12, 2015,  a woman who was crossing the road at a crosswalk was hit by a truck which came out of nowhere. While the driver of the truck initially stopped obediently at a red light, he began to turn right because he didn't notice anyone crossing the road.  

right turn on red car accident

According to an MPR review of 2007-2011 crash data, most car crashes occur due the driver's failure to stop.  This indicates that more people get injured from the vehicle operator's mistakes than from not following road rules.

Another study from 2002 showed that there were 1,166 crashes involving people on foot or bicyclists in Minnesota and Illinois combined between 1985 and 1998/9, because of drivers who turned right on red. This indicates that pedestrians and people riding a bicycle are more likely to get killed crossing a road than they are to cross safely, even if they don't jaywalk and wait for a signal.

Society today does not respect pedestrians right of way. Even when a sign clearly states that there is no turn on red, cars still turn. Turning on red is even more dangerous in Michigan where drivers make a Michigan U-turn and turn left on red. This makes the cross way a dangerous place for people to walk or ride their bikes. Michiganders should be more aware while they are driving, especially when they are turning at a red light, so they can avoid collisions with pedestrians.

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