Port Huron Woman Mauled By Two Dogs

On Thursday, December 3, 2015, a Port Huron, Michigan mother was mauled to death by two dogs. Rebecca Lillian-Kay Hard was found by police with extensive injuries to her neck and face shortly after 4:45 P.M. in the backyard of a residence at 1721 10th St. 

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Officials still have no clue why Hardy jumped the gate and entered the fenced-in backyard of the home where a pit bull dog and a husky dog were being kept. The pit bull attacked Hardy first, when she entered the yard, according to The Detroit Free Press. 

"These were attack dogs. These were vicious dogs in an enclosed space," Oakland County Medical Examiner Ljubisa Dragovic said.

A witness attempted to help her, but was unsuccessful. The witness then entered the home in attempt to get help from the owner of the dogs. Finally, the witness and owner were able to get the dogs away from Hardy and called 9-1-1. Hardy was taken to Lake Huron Medical Center and was later flown to Beaumont Hospital where she unfortunately passed away from her injuries.

Ms. Hardy is survived by her fiancee and her 18-month-old daughter.

"She was full of life. She was my everything. She loved her daughter with everything,” said Hardy’s fiancee, Matthew Grattan. Hardy had recently been kicked out of her house. Grattan said that he and Hardy had an argument at his home, a few doors, down shortly before the incident. Grattan told officials that he assumes she went for a walk and attempted to take a shortcut through the alley using the resident’s backyard.

"Nobody was there, nobody knows what happened and why," Grattan said.

Several residents in the neighborhood report not being aware of anything until the police and ambulance arrived.   

The dog owner is cooperating fully, say officials. The dogs were taken to St. Clair County Animal Control, where they are being quarantined.

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