GM Recalls Cadillac ATS

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On Wednesday, July 29, General Motors announced that they are issuing yet another recall, this time for the Cadillac ATS. According the Detroit News, the Detroit Automaker is recalling these vehicles for an issue with power sunroofs, after recalling 67,000 cars for the exact same issue earlier in the year. The previous recall regarding the same issue recalled 2013-15 Cadillac ATS cars worldwide, due to the power-operated roof panel systems automatically closing.  Although this auto defect is unlikely to cause automobile accidents, it is still being recalled by GM. 

In these vehicles, the roof can automatically close with less force than required when the “slide” or “tilt” switches are not fully recessed. The new recall includes the 2016 model of the vehicle and supersedes recall earlier in the year. GM said that 7,900 motor vehicles in Canada are being recalled. However, when asked about how many vehicles in total were being recalled, they immediately declined to say anything. GM dealerships are set to replace the roof console accessory switch. Vehicles that were part of the previous recall will also require re-inspection and repair.

Last year, in November, 2014, GM recalled m ore than 2 million Chevrolet Cobalts and other small motor vehicles for an issue with faulty ignition switches, which could unexpectedly turn off the engine of the car, which had led to 121 deaths, 14 serious injuries, and 237 minor injuries. Altogether, in 2014, GM spent $3 billion on recalls, as well as additional money in order to compensate for the victims and families related to the ignition switch issue.

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