Death Toll Of GM's Ignition Switch Defect Rises To 121

Recently, the death toll from General Motor's faulty ignition switches has risen to 121. Last year, GM hired attorney Kenneth Feinberg, who is working for GM and potentially offering victims' families compensation of at least $1 million each. According to Click On Detroit, Feinberg is set to make offers to 229 victims who were injured in General Motors car crashes due to possible defects in the switches in the Chevy Cobalt and other older cars. GM recalled 2.6 million cars last year due to this defect, but claimed that they knew about the switch problems for over a decade.

Ignition Switch Lawyer

So far, the faulty ignition switch has led to 121 deaths, as well as 14 serious injuries, and 237 minor injuries. Before the deadline of January 31, 2015, GM's compensation fund received 4,342 claims. About 3% of these claims remain under review, and about 90% of them were deemed ineligible or deficient. Out of these 4,342, so far, Feinberg has offered only 245 compensations, with 179 of them being accepted, and six of them being rejected. As of March 31, 2015, GM have paid $200 million in order to settle claims filed with Feinberg. Last year, GM estimated that 13 people had died due to the faulty ignition switch, but the company said the number would rise. Lawmakers at this time estimated that the number would rise above 100, and now the number is 121.

Just last year, GM spent an estimated $3 billion on recalls, as well as additional millions in order to compensate ignition switch-related accident victims and families, and these numbers are still growing. In cars, faults like these happen frequently, which can then unfortunately lead to auto accidents and traumatic injuries in some cases.

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