One Fatality after M-14 Accident

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According to The Detroit Free Press, on Tuesday, October 27, 2015, a large accident left both directions of M-14 blocked. It involved several vehicles on M-14 near the Gottfredson exit, which is just outside the city of Ann Arbor, MI. The road was shut down to clear the damaged vehicles involved and clean the debris also left behind by the crash. Crews worked thoroughly for two days to clean the whole mess.

The accident involved  one car heading eastbound which  crossed the median into oncoming traffic and struck another car.It was this impact which also ended up causing damage to other vehicles as well. The car that crossed the median was actually split in half from the collision. According to the the Washtenaw County Sheriff it is still unknown what caused the negligent driver to swerve into oncoming traffic. Both directions of M-14 were reopened Wednesday evening. One Washtenaw County Sheriff that was at the scene of the accident released a statement in which he referred to it as "a pretty major incident."

One fatality has been confirmed. The identity of the 20 year old accident victim has not been released.  Several others involved were also injured in the crash and taken to local hospitals for evaluation and medical treatment. Victims included another young male with serious injuries, and a mother and daughter with less threatening injuries. The accident is still under investigation with the Michigan State Police. 

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